Retro Handset

The Echo Logico’s Retro Phone is a simple, covetable handset that can plug into any mobile phone, tablet or PC. Fitted with a 3.5mm jack, it’s compatible with all devices (though some adaptors may be required The Retro Phone features a bold, bright retro-cool look with a luxurious soft-touch finishing that brings a splash of colour and sense of fun to any home or office. It is currently available in six eye-catching shades complete with colour-matching coiled cord. The nostalgic look of the Retro Phone plays on a chunky, old-fashioned telephone receiver design, but combines the comfort and convenience of these traditional handsets with modern functionality, including a high-quality speaker and microphone and easy-to-use pick-up and hang-up buttons. Just plug our funky phone handsets into any mobile phone, tablet or PC and start chatting – and since all your other mobile functions can still be accessed, it’s as simple as that.

In addition to great design and accessible technology, Echo Logico places the safety of our customers at the forefront. With the World Health Organisation declaring mobile phones as a potential cancer risk, the Retro Phone allows for communication with total peace of mind. Studies have shown that using Echo Logico’s Retro Phone cuts out 99% of mobile phone radiation, with many experts recommending the use of exactly this kind of headset to minimise exposure. Please click here to read more about the Health advices.

Rendering health concerns a thing of the past, the Retro Phone is a slick and stylish solution that means never having to compromise on the need to be connected. Fashionable yet functional, cool yet comfortable, but without stinting on the safety side either – it is the ultimate in desirable phone accessories

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